SabaSat System

PROES 1U Cubesat IoT Application Satellite

PROES SabaSat is a standardized miniature satellite with dimensions of 10 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm and a maximum weight of 1.33 kg.

Mission Objectives
SabaSat is an economic satellite to be launched in the Low-Earth Orbit (altitude of ~500km) for Collecting environmental data, monitoring assets, and providing connectivity (public and/or private network)

Power System
SabaSat solar panels on its 5 faces will generate electricity when it is facing the sun and there are rechargeable batteries to store energy for use during eclipse periods when the satellite is in Earth’s shadow.

Payload and Sensors
SabaSat could carry extra payload such as the clients RF communications module, camera, IoT sensors, etc. based on the desirable application.

Data Processing and Storage
SabaSat uses PROES innovation module for its Long-range, Low-Power RF communication (in the form of small onboard computer to process the data from the sensors and manage the CubeSat operations). Moreover, we included LoRa module as an alternative in order to provide convenience for the LoRa users.

Communication System
To establish connectivity with ground stations or other IoT devices, our unique transceivers, operate based on “store & forward” and is optimized for IoT applications in UHF and VHF bands.

Attitude Determination and Control System
SabaSat uses Passive Magnetic Attitude which aligns the CubeSat to within ±15◦ of the Earth’s local magnetic field line throughout each orbit, and maximizes the stability of the CubeSat in space.

Structural Design
SabaSat designed a robust and lightweight structure to house all the components while meeting the CubeSat form factor requirements. Ensure proper shock and vibration absorption to handle the launch and space environment.

Launch Opportunities
We are open to collaborate with National/International Space agencies to Launch the 1st phase of our consultation by 2024.

PROES Ground station and nodes

PROES provides ground stations to communicate with Sabasat satellite system.

PROES ground nodes and the Ground stations shall be used to receive and process the data transmitted by the SabaSat. Each ground stations is equipped with an omni-directional antenna, receivers, and the PROES software for data decoding and analysis.

Each Node will be able to directly communicate with the satellite and each Ground station will receive the data feom the satellite every 10 minutes after having the full consultation launched. (one ground station would cover nearly 1700km radius).


IoT Telemetry & Telecommand and Payload Transceiver

  • LEO Satellite Mission 
  • 2 years lifetime in orbit
  • CubeSat PC-104 Compatible 
  • Radiation Hardened 
  • Low power consumption 
  • In flight configuration

PROES Satellite Communication protocols

  • FSK (continuous and burst mode)
  • BPSK(continuous and burst mode)
  • PROES patent pending modulation  (burst mode)
  • LoRa