RF Booster Co-Processor

PROES RF Booster Co-Processor (RBCP) uses the patented technology developed by PROES. This RF processor, the first of its kind in the world, improves the quality of any RF communication in terms of reliability, communication distance, and power consumption. The performance of our processing algorithms has been measured and certified.

PROES RBCP, for the first time, provides the RF system designers a new option where they can modify their desired communication range.   

PROES RBCP is currently available as software to be integrated in Software Designed Radios (SDR). In terms of Hardware implementation, our Modems for IoT applications and our FPGA based product for high data rate applications are ready to be used. ASIC implementation is currently under study and we expect our chipsets to be available by 2024.

The solution proposed by PROES can also be used to reduce the transmission power while maintaining the same communication range. (Results obtained and certified by independent entity)