Our Applications

The solution proposed by PROES is optimized for long range low power communication.

Smart city

Smart Cities

Our smart city solution integrates telecommunication technology, data processing and various physical connected devices to optimize the efficiency of city operations and services.

We provide the city officials with the an original ability to interact directly with both community and city infrastructure and to monitor what is happening in the city and how the city is evolving.

Smart agriculture

The emergence of cheap IoT sensors, has sparked a new era for digital agriculture. Monitoring the data generated by sensors enables real time and predictive analytics.

PROES offers an intelligent management system for agricultural fields by help of our fully automated watering system, health monitoring system, pesticides and herbicides consumption. Our unique AI based algorithms enables controlling the environmental factors.

Smart mining

PROES offers you, not only a 360° situational awareness by enabling you to control all mining operations in real time and respond promptly to critical events, but it also provides you with the comfort of having your mines fully and intelligently automated thanks to the combination of its AI and the predictive maintenance algorithm.

Asset Tracking

For all asset-intensive businesses that rely heavily on equipment to generate revenue, good asset management is essential.

Whether that be stock, equipment, vehicles, or infrastructure. Without it, businesses not only risk being left behind by more advanced-thinking competitors but they’ll also incur expenses that eat into profits.