PROES solution in service of sustainable development

 The combination of PROES IoT and AI technologies has the potential to address some of the most acute human, economic and environmental needs. It can also directly contribute to achieving the targets in the sustainable development goals. Accordingly, PROES solution has the potential to create an efficient, effective and secure ecosystem taking advantage of connected devices and AI for managing the major global challenges faced by this, and future generations.

Smart City

The application of PROES technology in smart city will allow all communities to take advantage of technological advances and offer new opportunities for quality of life for different strata of society, by promoting accessibility to amenities, technologies and services (including social infrastructure, energy, water and healthcare).

PROES long range and bidirectional telecommunication technology improves also the access of disadvantaged and excluded groups to ICT infrastructure by promoting basic IoT and ICT literacies, virtual classrooms and interactive vocational training programmes for vulnerable segments of society.

Precision Agriculture

The solution proposed by PROES for Precision Agriculture helps to deal with challenges associated with hunger, water supply, and food security through resource monitoring to cope with the increasing consumption needs of a global population. By leveraging PROES smart solution, sensors can detect and monitor water leaks, potential contamination, soil moisture, pollutions, weather conditions, livestock movements, while remotely managing and controlling harvesters and irrigation equipment to improve the quality, quantities, yield rates, cost-effectiveness, energy efficiency and sustainability of agricultural production, including the packaging and transportation of food supplies. PROES solution can also be used for research and analysis into water-borne diseases and potentially new types of diseases.

Natural life protection

PROES telecommunication technology is essentials to protect the natural life and its diversity on land, air and below waters through biodiversity conservation and ecological monitoring. Our solution helps monitor natural ecosystems, as well as sanctuaries, detect threats linked to poaching, overfishing (or illegal fishing) and deforestation and can send alerts in real-time to authorities for immediate response.

Risk reduction and climate change mitigation

Taking into consideration the diversity and complexity of the Earth’s geography and vulnerable populations, PROES AI based solution merged with our innovative telecommunication solution has the ability to gather and analyze real-time information for proactive prevention and faster response to deal with toxic wastes and pollutants, disasters and other natural calamities.