PROES technology was primarily developed to provide coverage for isolated areas with no or poor network coverage.

PROES RF Booster Co-processor, the first of its kind, improves the quality and reliability of RF communication links in terms of sensitivity and security based on its patented technology. (2 filed patents, 1 patent pending)

PROES solution, maximizes the network capacity up to 5 times more than conventional communication protocols. Providing full bidirectionality, various adaptable data rates in addition to using lower frequency bands with higher penetration rate (such as 169 MHZ) makes our products ideal for loT control-command applications specially in dense environments such as forests where high penetration rate is required. Our solution for IoT connectivity reaches the communication range of 174km (LoS) with only 14dBm (25mW) transmission power.

Communicating below the noise level with no need for pre-determined synchronization patterns, immunity to burst noises and jamming in addition to time-diversity provides a military level security for particular defense applications.

Solid evaluations based on the hardware implementation of PROES technology on FPGA proved that this innovative algorithm is a lot more efficient in terms of required resources and also power consumption compared to the similar techniques such as Spread Spectrum. Therefore, the simplicity of integrating PROES algorithm on ASIC, is expected to revolutionize the market in various telecom applications.

We are pleased to be the “Innovation Awards Honoree” of CES® 2023.